Through the annual giving of scholarships to deserving youth of the Martin County community, the Kyle Conrad Foundation seeks to actively recognize and support deserving seniors entering into post-secondary education. The purpose of creating the Kyle Conrad Foundation is to honor the legacy of Kyle Conrad as a student, an athlete, a friend, and most importantly, as a family member. The mission of the foundation is to organize annual fund raising efforts capable of sustaining scholarships that will go to support students that have demonstrated a dedication to academics and athletics similar to Kyle’s.

You may always contact us at the foundation at:

Board of Directors
Mary Ann Conrad – Co-Founder – President
Sherman Conrad – Co-Founder – Vice President
William G. Pembroke – Certified Public Accountant
Laurie Andrews – Media & Public Relations Manager
A.J. Loringer – Media & Public Relations Manager
Jimmy Fitzpatrick – Creative Design Manager
Linda Fitzpatrick – Event Chairwoman
Pete Fitzpatrick – Event Chairman

2011 Scholarship Recipients
Brooklyn Maguire
Mallory Gillespie
Austin Armstrong
Natalie Colosanti
Kyle Wiswell
Matthew Avril
Jeff Bowers
Tyler Graham

2012 Scholarship Recipients
Jared Browning
Cassidy Coakley
Hailey Cusimano
Casey Glenn
Brendan O’Connor
Rachael Candela
Austin Parriott
Tyler Vadas

2013 Scholarship Recipients
Austin Featherstone
Emily Duckworth
Tory Glenn
Logan Featherstone
Shane Laychur
Evin Foster
David Parker
Amanda Fote

2014 Scholarship Recipients
Makayla Reynolds
Michael McBride
Courtney Long
Kasey Cox
Sarah Stewart
Kelly Hagen
Alex Teplitz
Kendall McCormick

2015 Scholarship Recipients
South Fork:
Lauren Maunus
Courtney Spillman

Jensen Beach High School:
Sara Betzhold
Marissa Bradley
Fabio Calderon
Amber Grisetti
Jared Walsh
Andrew Weisbrot
Joseph Wigley
Amanda Wind